User Conduct and Content

User conduct and content policy? Sure.

Our user conduct and content policy says you shouldn’t cross the line. Don’t cross the line. We reserve the right to impose fees on you if you do cross the line. You just can’t do something terrible and get away with it. The greater your offence, the greater the price. By the way, you shall be responsible for your conduct and content. We shall accept no blame for anything illegal beyond our control. Also, we reserve the right to tell the authorities if you’ve committed a crime. You can find other legal agreements on this web page.

User conduct and content policy.

We have some examples of unacceptable conduct or content down below. We prefer to stay well away from anything that’s Evil and things like:

Controversial issues or sensitive events. Harmful or dangerous things. Drugs and dangerous products or substances. Illegal activities or regulated goods and services.

Child exploitation. Hate content or hate speech. Harassment, bullying or threats. Violence, violent or graphic content. Inappropriate language and anything incendiary or demeaning. Publishing personal or confidential information.

Sexually suggestive content. Sexually explicit material. Nudity or sexual content.

Inappropriate usage of family entertainment characters.

Spam. Misleading content or scams. Malicious or deceptive practices. Account hijacking. Fraudulent use of multiple accounts. Impersonation.

Intellectual property you have no license to use.