Refund, Exchange, Return


You have 60 days (right after buying) to ask. This still applies regardless of what kind of thing you buy from us (be it a service or product), unless stated otherwise.

Your Rights

It is important to note you are able to ask us for a refund within those 60 days if:
• You buy something accidentally, as in an accidental click;
• You never allow the payment.

You can ask your bank or some other third-party if you wish to file a claim or charge-back for a reasonable excuse, but they impose time limits.

Anti-Fraud policy

Making a fraudulent claim or fraudulent charge-back will never turn out well for you. We can take legal action and we may even impose a tax. You will be responsible for such fees, charges or taxes.

No evidence?

You cannot ask for a refund, exchange or return if you do not have a receipt or proof.

Did you pay for a Physical Product?

Physical products are items you can hold. You cannot ask for a refund, exchange or return for the following kinds of items, no matter what:
• Made to order goods (made to measure, bespoke);
• Perishable goods such as food, flowers, plants, etc.;
• Hygiene-based products (used);
• Items are not in their original packaging;
• Items (used or damaged).

Did you pay for a Digital Product?

Digital products are items you cannot hold, but are downloadable. You may only ask for a refund or exchange in cases, such as: the downloadable product is faulty, corrupt or even way beyond repair.

Did you pay for a Service?

Services are something you can do for somebody for money. It is like paying for someone’s time. We can only offer a refund or exchange in the following kinds of cases:
• We do half the work for you (50% refund);
• You change your mind before we’ve even worked (100% refund);
• You have already paid and we haven’t worked on your order, and you would like us to service you with something else (of the same price) instead;
• The service we have provided to you has disappointed you, or did not meet your expectations.

Legal Liability

Do not buy from us if you still have questions about our policy. You must make sure your questions have answers before you even buy from us. By purchasing from us, we can assume that you have agreed to our policy.