Intellectual Property

Intellectual property? OK.

Intellectual property (or copyright)

You may not use any of our intellectual property, making money or not. Full stop. We don’t want to complicate our license. (See this Wikipedia article for the meaning of “Intellectual Property” or see a quote we’ve extracted from the Wikipedia article below.)

But there is an exception. If you’re going to use our logos, they have to be free. Therefore, you can’t charge for them. You may only use the logos on this web page (click here) if you follow those guidelines.

Intellectual property (IP) means the ownership of an idea or design by the creator of it. It is a term in property law. It gives a person certain exclusive rights to a distinct type of creative design, meaning nobody else can copy or reuse that creation without permission. The term can apply to musical, literary and artistic works, discoveries and inventions. Common types of rights include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets.

The stated reason for most IP laws is to encourage progress. To give legal ownership of an idea to an inventor is seen as an incentive for those people to make their inventions available to the public. It is in place to secure the full value of a work for its creator, to make it into another type of ‘real’ property. Fair enough.

Acceptable use of IP

Unless we say otherwise, all content on our websites are our property. Also, any content users add aren’t necessarily ours. By using our services, you understand such content is protected by rights such as intellectual property rights. Don’t think you have a license to use any trademark, logo, service mark (etc.) simply because such things are on our sites. You need the owner’s written permission prior to using such content. You can’t blame us if you infringe any legal right.

Fair Warning on Unauthorised Use of Intellectual Property

Warning! Distribution of our original works without permission can lead to severe penalties. Also, why would you steal from our enterprise? We don’t see why because we exist to benefit good causes and not just ourselves! It’s us that reserve the right to decide when and where our hard-earned funds are spent. All uses of our work currently require our explicit consent. None may use our works without our permission. This is a friendly notice. You have been warned, now. Take care then!