Email Disclaimer

Email Disclaimer? OK.

Email Disclaimer: Privacy

Email disclaimer says that e-mails are private. Hence, they are for the use of the person or entity addressed. Moreover, if you are not the intended receiver, you mustn’t issue, share or copy (etc.) the e-mail. Furthermore, if you receive an e-mail in error, we need you to tell us. Then, erase the e-mail from your system.

Email Disclaimer: Computer Viruses

Email disclaimer: computer viruses.

We check e-mails for viruses before we send them. Still, let us have you know there is a slight chance of the sending of computer viruses via email. We advise you to check the e-mail for computer viruses on your end as well. Also, we accept no blame for any damage caused by any virus sent through our e-mails. That’s because we don’t send viruses anyway. E-mails might not always be secure or error-free. Therefore, you can’t blame us for such errors or viruses beyond our control.

Email Disclaimer: Contracts

Nobody may close any agreement for us with another party by e-mail without the consent of our Chief Executive Officer.

Email Disclaimer: Negligent Misstatement

Organisation takes no blame for the content of its e-mails. We also can’t accept any blame for the outcome of any actions taken because of the information. That is, unless we confirm that information in writing.

Email Disclaimer: Employer’s Responsibility

Any views in our e-mails are those of the authors. Therefore, such e-mails don’t necessarily represent our views. We teach anybody who works for us not to: make defamatory statements. Also, we don’t allow any worker to abuse any legal right or allow the abuse of said rights. Any such communication goes against our policy and goes outside the job of the person. Therefore, it is clear we can’t accept any blame for such e-mails. Hence, the worker is at fault, should the worker do such communication beyond our control.