Copyright and Intellectual Property

We implemented the feature to disable right-clicks and any attempts to copy and paste content from our website. This is so that we can prevent any theft of our own works. It is through this initiative (blocking all attempts to copy our content) that we’ve tried to make ourselves very clear on our policy against any theft of our content. You are not allowed to republish, redistribute, sell, rent, license, sub-license, offer for free, etc. any part or the whole of our intellectual property in their original form. You must build upon our works if you use them. You can do what ever you like with the new work you’ve made (that includes making money).

All intellectual property is our own, unless stated otherwise. We try to make it very clear when something is (and when something is not) our own content and whether you have a right to use the content in question. Any third-party trademarks, material, intellectual property, etc. may belong to their respective owners.

It is us that reserve the right to decide when and where our hard-earned money is spent. We help good causes, anyway. Would you steal from a part non-profit (charitable) company that works to stop evil, save lives and save the environment? I wouldn’t steal from such a company.