Legal. All terms (policies or even contracts) are on this page.

What are “Cookies?”

What’s “Copyright?” What about “Intellectual Property?”

To get answers to all of those questions, simply click on the links to each Wikipedia article. Or, if you prefer, try a Google Search for each one of those.

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Copyright and Intellectual Property
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Allow us to put it simply. By using any of our sites, software, services (etc.) you agree to all applicable terms. These are all legally-binding. Hence, proceeding to use our services is equal to giving your signature, stating in writing that you agree to any applicable terms.

Inherit? Or override?

Any differing (or contradicting) term elsewhere overrides those found on this site. On the contrary, if a hyperlink is provided to any of the terms on this page, it simply means such terms apply.

Examples: If one of our products hyperlinks to the privacy policy above, the product will inherit that one. However, where there is a different privacy policy (and isn’t hyperlinking), the new policy overrides the one above.