Social media, is it? Very well.

Social media.

Hyperlinks to social profiles

Here on this web page, we show you all our social media usernames. Hence, any username on this page is authentic; real. Because any profile of ours that isn’t on this list is a fake one. Moreover, we kindly ask that you report actors to us. Speaking of which, you can learn how to contact us by clicking here.



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Hyperlinks to non-social media handles

Allow us to tell you about links to our profiles. We’re also on sites that aren’t really social sites. For example, eBay is an online marketplace and not a social network. Ebay does have an online community section (forum). However, the primary reason people visit that website is to buy or sell. We include links to our public profiles to help you know which of our public profiles are real.


Warning! Don’t act like us, especially with the intention to harm our brand’s reputation. Additionally, show you examples of ways a pretender can harm a brand’s reputation…

  • Slander;
  • Spreading misinformation;
  • Using a similar-looking email address;
  • Etc.

Hence, the bullet points above are some examples of unacceptable behaviour. Still, very similar examples of unacceptable conduct have already been written in our User Conduct and Content policy. Furthermore, we’ll have you know telling lies about our enterprise is severely punishable by us and the law. Also, any legal costs will go on to the one who lies; the one who is responsible. As a result, our brand cannot be held responsible in this case. Speaking of which, we’ll never pay any legal costs when something isn’t our fault. Why? Because the one at fault is to pay.