Our Stand

At Orbital, the protection of the environment is of utmost importance to us. No one at Orbital shall ever partner with an Evil enterprise even if it means missing out on a great opportunity for cash. Orbital Fantasy does not put profits before people or the environment, rather we do the opposite. Hence, we prefer not to have any thing to do with any toxic corporation out there in the world. We endeavour to do research on a business before proceeding to a business partnership. However, there are times when we may later determine the other party has unacceptable business practices. In other words, on the grounds of humanity and staying true to our word, we are bound to boycott any business the moment we learn of such unacceptable business practices.

ORBITAL FANTASY CORPORATION LTD. prefers not to be hypocritical. Surely now you can see why we wish to stay true to our words when we say we do not support anything Evil. Take a look at our User Conduct and Content policy and you’ll see why we said that. Just click right here. But anyways, we prefer not to support any business we deem is causing harm to the environment or the public. When we speak of harm to the environment, we speak of malpractices such as:

  • Mass pollution;
  • Unsustainable forest management (not planting new tree saplings after felling grown trees);
  • Food adulteration (when bad things are added to food products);
  • Etc.

Our Mission

We hope to assist with the planting of trees and grasslands worldwide.

Renewable Energy

We hope to help provide funding for renewable energy programmes.

Ethical Web Hosting that’s good for the Environment

The websites on our network… We’re proud to say most of them are powered by Google Cloud (and some sites are hosted at our very own data center located at our headquarters). We make no secret of this fact. The truth is that most of our websites are running on the same data-centres powering Google, YouTube and more Google/Alphabet products. The electricity powering Google data-centres comes from Google’s own wind farms, apparently. On a wind farm, wind turbines harness the power of the wind and the components inside these “windmills” convert the energy from the wind in to electricity.

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Environment... This web host is environmentally-friendly.