Company Owner

Company owner, eh? Read on to learn about Him.

Company Owner

The owner is none other than Shujinko Eitai. The two names, ‘Shujinko’ (first name) and ‘Eitai’ (surname) are both of Japanese origin. The meaning of the name ‘Shujinko’ is ‘Protagonist’ and the meaning of the surname ‘Eitai’ is ‘Eternal’. When you place the two names side-by-side, you end up with ‘Protagonist Eternal’ but it makes sense to put that the other way around: ‘Eternal Protagonist’. Hence, you place the surname ‘Eitai’ before ‘Shujinko’ because it’s good grammar… Eitai Shujinko. You’d call Him Mr. Eitai, but the people at ORBITAL FANTASY think of Him not as some ordinary person.


The ones who work at ORBITAL think of Him as some greater person because they call Him by names like ‘His Excellency’ and ‘The Emperor’. Many people respect Him. Furthermore, on reading through our text, one may notice how we capitalise the first letter of words like ‘He’, ‘His’ and ‘Him’. There’s a great meaning behind this fact (the capitalisation of the first letter of these words) and one meaning in particular is that we think of the company owner as a priority.


Let us speak of Mr. Eitai’s personality. Surprisingly, the company owner is one modest person. He does not like it when people praise Him or give Him such special treatment because He fears He could become arrogant; egoistic. The company owner is one sensitive being. He does have emotions. In one of our YouTube videos, an emphasis on His emotions is placed.

I’ll just pull up our YouTube channel’s description for you:

Description of the YouTube channel of the company owner.

As it’s seen in the gameplay, He is low on morale. The beating of war drums is heard in the background so as to encourage Him to fight. That reminds us of something! The company owner is inside a game, too (not only in real life). That’s quite interesting, isn’t it?!

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