Brand assets? OK.


On this webpage, we make official all of our logos. Hence, this is the only official source. Moreover, we also include all of our brands and divisions or sub-companies/organisations.

Brand colours

Ether Mint
Hex code: #42f4bc

Almost White
Hex code: #fcfcfc

Almost Black
Hex code: #1a1a1a

Absolute White
Hex code: #ffffff

Absolute Black
Hex code: #000000


Note that ORBITAL FANTASY CORPORATION LTD (doing business as Orbital Fantasy) is the top-level organisation.

Orbital Fantasy

– Executive Operations (ExOps)

– – Executive Operations Foundation (ExOps Foundation)

– SocieTube (also known as Society Tube or Society of YouTubers)

Logos & Guidelines

You may not:
Change the shape of our logos (skewing or stretching them for example).
Use any colours other than the ones we have chosen.
Change the spacing of any letters in our logos.
Choose a different type face or font.
Add visual effects like a drop shadow.
Change or replace the elements in our logos including but not limited to letters or symbols.
Use any version of our logos other than the ones on this page.
Claim our logos are your own property when they are not. You simply can’t. See our intellectual property policy.

You can download white and black logo variants from this web address. Note that they have no background. They are 100% transparent!