Who owns the company?

Somebody who goes by the name of Shujinko runs this company.

About the company itself

Orbital Fantasy (legally known as “Orbital Fantasy Corporation Ltd.”) is an internet company. A British, internet based, eco-friendly digital media company – a company with headquarters in Great Britain (United Kingdom).

You could call us an organization, a corporation or even a company since we are part for-profit and part non-profit. A fifty-fifty split 50% to charities/good causes, 50% for a living and to fuel our growth.

On 7th June 2016, the company (private limited company, limited by shares) incorporated (in England and Wales) looking spreading its message, changing lives, and saving the environment.

It is very important to know the company’s main business activities take place online (not outside of the Internet). Such a business is often labelled a dot-com company. So the company doesn’t post parcels to any physical addresses. Rather, the company publishes written works in a digital form. This means there is no need for paper. Doing such a thing stops trees from being cut down just for paper. This is but one example of us being eco-friendly.

We seldom (and just might) sell products you can hold – but this is rare.