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Incorporated on 07 June 2016 as ORBITAL FANTASY CORPORATION LTD., Company Registration Number… 10219791. The incorporation process took place in Great Britain (United Kingdom) in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. We are a Private Limited Company, limited by Shares. Get more legal information by clicking here. Our Registered Office Address is at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.


We do not work at some brick-and-mortar retail store but we do work in the internet and online media industries. Therefore, we are a dot-com company doing most or all of its business online.

Online Media

The production of a variety of online media in following kinds of formats. This isn’t everything we can possibly think of: Videos, Sound, Pictures, Articles, Etc.


We record, edit and produce gaming videos that one would call “Let’s Plays”. We later upload them on to a video-sharing website (YouTube) because our viewers enjoy our content. The videos are also stored for archival purposes. That’s correct – we archive and publicise our gaming experiences. Most or all of our game-play videos include closed captions. Hence, text commentary.


When we say “sound”, we mean music and sound effects. Find sounds at our online store at… (coming soon).


Creating images is something we love doing. However, that’s more than just some hobby to us because you can buy them from our online store… (coming soon).


Examples of our work can be seen at our blog. We write about a variety of topics. However, you needn’t worry because you can use our site’s search feature. You can feel free to browse our categories because we try our best to categorise the work! Nevertheless, that isn’t everything! You may find premium articles (or e-Books/e-Booklets) at our online shop… (coming soon).

Our Products and Services

We offer products and services which can be seen on our online store… (coming soon). Hey, now that you’re here, why not take a look at an online marketplace at this web address… (coming soon)? Also, you might want to see the premium videos we have for sale here on this site… (coming soon).

There are times when we offer select products or services for free. Therefore, they are at no cost to you. Donations are very much welcome for the same.

We never tolerate any conduct or content that is unacceptable. We are against anything Evil. You can read our policy.